Online Marketing For Modern Experts – What To Do If Your Website Isn’t Ready Yet

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The funny thing about websites is that it is the first thing that pops up on people’s minds when they are starting their business or when they decide they want to bring their work online so that they can reach more people and have a greater impact.

Well… actually there are 2 funny things about websites: they never seem to be ready.

The first distinction we have to make is between a website and marketing your business online.

Marketing is the crystal clear communication of the value that you uniquely provide while your website is just a platform where you can communicate that value and position yourself as the trusted Authority in your field of business.

In this day and age when everybody googles, it is sort of expected that you have a website. So what can you do until your website is ready?

Let’s say that you have a networking meeting tomorrow or a meeting with a potential client and you are worried they are going to ask about your website.

The short answer is, of course, not to stress out about a website and to put all your focus and attention in having a brilliant meeting. But for those of you who will still stress out anyways, here we go…

In this article we’ll specifically cover:

  • First, all the things that you should NOT do because that helps to reduce overwhelm.
  • Then, how to move onto doing control, which means getting rid of all the stuff that could be hurting you.
  • Finally, how to position yourself right for your audience so that they choose you.
  • As a bonus, you’ll also find out where you can get a free web presence by tomorrow, if you choose to.


1. Social Media: The Key Is To Be Strategic

The first impulse of a lot of experts is to go and open all sort of social media accounts thinking that just because of that people will rush to hire them.

If you have some kind of event coming up soon and you either have no website or your website is not ready yet, social media accounts are not always a good substitute.

This is what can be the real deal maker: if your potential clients google you, what will they find?

If they will find a bunch of social media accounts which haven’t been updated in a long time and look abandoned, it is not good.

So what could you do?

2. Some Small Tweaks With A Big Impact: Deleting & Changing Privacy Settings

If you have social media accounts that don’t represent you well now, delete them or make these simple changes:

On Facebook

On Facebook you have a personal profile that was designed originally for you to interact with friends and family. If you have one of those and you are using it only as it is intended, change the privacy settings so that only your friends and family can see what you post there.

If you do that, people who check you out will know you are a “real person” because most people think that if you are on Facebook you must be real and at the same time they won’t see the stuff you want to keep private.

If you have a Facebook Page (for your business) and it already has followers, make sure that you post a couple of updates so that the last thing there is not from last year.

If you don’t have a Facebook page, this is not the moment to start one because you can certainly start posting stuff but you won’t be able to promote your page so that it gets enough likes. Most importantly, it is not a good investment of your time as a business owner to have Facebook pages without the right strategies.