Business Consultant Ana Rosenberg Signs Book Deal With IATCTCAugust 7, 2015 – The International Association of Top Coaches, Trainers And Consultants announces signing a book agreement with best-selling author and Business Consultant Ana Rosenberg for 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Rosenberg will be writing three books: “Clients From Social Media? The myths and the truth of what is working today for the Expert Industry”, “A Minimalistic Approach To Your First Highly-Invested Client” and “Positioning – From Expert To Authority”.

“Clients From Social Media? The myths and the truth of what is working today for the Expert Industry” will cover a successful social media approach for modern experts with a mission and a message that want to grow their businesses.

“The initial excitement about social media is over, which was predictable. Talking about “which buttons” to push to “get clients” was initially exciting because it gave the illusion that it was a matter of knowing the right button or the right tools to be able to “automate” the marketing part. This book will go deep into how to successfully think about social media from the point of view of a real business owner, not a person selling the next social media course” Rosenberg stated.

“The book we feel every expert needs is perhaps “A Minimalistic Approach To Your First Highly-Invested Client”. Clients that are a joy to work with because they are ready to invest their resources to solve their problems and transform their lives make an expert business a joy. If you are a modern expert with a mission and a message, a coach, trainer, author, speaker, service professional or consultant, you don’t need to become a marketing expert to work with awesome clients. You don’t need to do anything “manipulative” to trick people into working with you, either. This book outlines a minimalistic “happy” approach for thought leaders that also want to be proud of their leadership in the communication of the value of their contribution to the world while building profitable, sustainable businesses to be proud of”, IATCTC announced.

“Positioning – From Expert To Authority” is the book for the modern expert with a mission and a message that recognizes the importance of being seen and respected as the trusted Authority in their field of expertise at the moment when people choose who to invest their trust and money in.

“We are thrilled to work together with Ana Rosenberg to bring her expertise to our members. The International Association Of Top Coaches, Trainers & Consultants strives to promote the success of our members and the expert industry as a whole by providing our members the strategies they need to get local, national and international clients; position themselves as the Authority in their field of business; and market their businesses online for maximum reach. We feel that the ambitious results that Ana Rosenberg’s work has proven to deliver are going to be invaluable for every professional coach, trainer and consultant.”

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