Hidden In Plain Sight - #1 Bestselling IATCTC Interview SeriesCommunication consultant Rita Tineo has recently signed a book deal with AR Authority Publishing to be part of the #1 Best-Selling IATCTC Interview Series.

March 21, 2016 – AR Authority Publishing announces signing a book agreement with Communication Consultant Rita Tineo for their Number 1 Best-selling IATCTC Interview Series.

Tineo will co-author “Hidden In Plain Sight – A conversation about the advantage hidden in plain sight that helps professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs build a successful business doing what they love.” with Business Consultant Ana Rosenberg.

Hidden In Plain Sight will cover Tineo’s professional experience, her journey from shyness to confidence as well as the strategies that have allowed her to create a successful business doing what she loves.

When asked about her plans for the book, Tineo explained that “Hidden In Plain Sight will be about mainly communication because paradoxically, communication is proving to be hard during the communication era. We have communication possibilities now better than ever before and sometimes we fail to get through with our message. This has made us reflect about this paradox. A lot of people are working on communication. The focus is on how to communicate and not on communicating more; on how to be successful in this quest to be heard, be seen, and be understood.”

“We are thrilled to work together with Rita Tineo to bring her professional experience to business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs. AR Authority Publishing strives to promote the success of the expert industry as a whole by providing effective strategies to help modern experts with a mission and a message position themselves as the Leading Authority in their field of business and market their businesses for maximum reach. We feel that the communication results that Rita Tineo’s work has proven to deliver are going to be invaluable for every professional, business owner and entrepreneur.”

Rita Tineo is an Author, Speaker and the Creator of the Communication With Clarity & Confidence System, which shows successful professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs how to communicate, negotiate and present with confidence to get visibility so that they are instantly understood, valued and acted upon.

For more information about Rita Tineo, visit ritatineo.com

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