Complimentary IATCTC Associate Membership

IATCTC Associate Membership is free for all coaches, trainers and consultants and will remain free.



Some of the benefits of this level of membership is access to the Associate Members Resource Center to enjoy resources to help you:

  • succeed as an international coach, trainer or consultant;
  • get local, national and international clients,
  • learn how to position yourself as an Authority in your field of business, and how to market your business online for maximum reach.


If you would like to become an Associate Member of the International Association of Top Coaches, Trainers & Consultants – IATCTC – simply apply here.

You’ll receive a welcome email from us with all the instructions on how to make the most of your IATCTC Associate Membership as well as the password to access the IATCTC Associate Members Resource Center.

You’ll also receive the IATCTC newsletter “Top International Coaches, Trainers & Consultants Success Strategies”.


The International Association Of Top Coaches, Trainers And Consultants – IATCTC works exclusively to promote the success of our members and the industry as a whole and here is how…

We provide our members the Success Strategies they need to:

  • Get local, national and international clients
  • Position themselves as the Authority in their field of business
  • Market their businesses online for maximum reach

The Internet is making our world a truly global village. We want to help our members to take advantage of the present time to claim their Authority PositioningTM in this new world that is unfolding right before our eyes.

The complexity of the modern world has created a plethora of new problems that need expert solutions. That is where the biggest opportunity lies for coaches, trainers and consultants.

The web is making it possible to expand our industry reach.

Here lies also our industry’s biggest challenge: coaches, trainers and consultants need to find their Authority PositioningTM to attract clients who choose to work with them and not to have to compete on price.


Our shared vision for IATCTC

We will lead the international coaching/training/consulting industry into this new era of impact and prosperity.


Our mission for IATCTC

To help our members create profitable, sustainable coaching/training/consulting businesses by positioning themselves as the trusted Authority in their field while making a positive difference in the world with their expertise.

Why not join the IATCTC community and start transforming your coaching, training or consulting expertise into a thriving and lucrative business with a big impact in the world?



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