5 Dangerous Mistakes To Avoid In An Authority Website

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by Ana Rosenberg

“Everybody googles and your website is your first impression online”

Ana Rosenberg

If you are an expert, a coach, a trainer or a consultant, just having a website won’t cut it anymore. You need an Instant Authority Website.

“What exactly is an Authority Website and why should you care?”

I’m glad you asked.  An Authority Site instantly positions you as an expert in your field and elevates you from expert to Authority.

An Authority Website:

  • creates immediate trust and attracts the visitor’s attention;
  • it gives you more leverage to help your visitors and to impact them (we are all more likely to listen to an Authority);
  • it engages your visitors and helps build a relationship with them; AND
  • it makes you more money.


These are 5 dangerous mistakes to avoid in a website because they can kill your positioning instantly

MISTAKE # 1 – It Is Not About You. It Is About Them

We are NOT talking about a static “vanity” website that looks like a brochure all about you, your certifications, how great you are. This is what a lot of service professionals do online and it actually hurts them. (BTW, your visitors don’t care!!!).

I know you: you are awesome at what you do and love helping people and because I want to help you build a profitable, sustainable business doing what you love, I’m going to be very straight forward. The way I always am with my friends.

The first thing you will need to do if you want to position yourself as the go-to expert and be able to help and impact more people is to get over yourself. Forget the certifications, who you learned from, the courses you attended… Don’t lead your marketing with that.

Something very funny happens when somebody lands on your site: if you are a doctor, for instance, they already assume that you attended university, passed your exams and are fully qualified to do what you do.

This is applicable to other experts. If you are a coach, you won’t lead with your certification. Your visitor already assumes that you know your stuff.

Your website and your business in general is for the people you want to help and NOT TO IMPRESS YOUR COLLEAGUES.


“Positioning yourself as the Authority in your field is the way to make your competition disappear. There isn’t any competition for an Authority”

Ana Rosenberg

Remember that everybody googles. It is your chance to make an impactful first impression. It might very well be the first place your visitor lands and hears about you for the first time.

And it is not about “vanity” and “name recognition”. Your Authority Website is also your best sales force: it works for you 24/7, building your list, engaging your visitors and converting visitors into buyers.

If it is not a “vanity” site, what shall you do instead?

An Authority knows the pains and irrational desires of their visitor and leads with that. If you can explain and articulate my deepest fears, needs and desires better than I can and you can show me the solution, you are unconsciously positioned as an INSTANT expert.

INSTANT AUTHORITY TIP – Start with the end result or transformation your clients want and show them how to get that.